A unique technology

The power of Artificial Intelligence for training planning

Manage all your constraints in 1 click

Automate and optimise the placement of training activities

The strength in our software solution lies in the use and continual development of advanced AI calculation engines, in order to manage the most critical resources as well as the volume and complexity of the constraints that weigh on resources, activities, and the organisation. With Adesoft, your schedules and resource planning are established centrally and then can be distributed to your delivery teams with one simple click!


Manage the availability of your employees, equipment, rooms... Adesoft AI technology ensures planning is coherent and never creates resource conflict for two resources at the same time


Choose the best trainer according to his or her skills, but also guarantee the training necessary to maintain or acquire a skill for your employees


Maximise the use of resources and/or prioritize their use (e.g. rooms, equipment, trainers) and propose optimised schedules

Remote sites

Integrate and optimise your employees' travel, whether your campuses are in the same country or internationally


Respect your pedagogical model, its constraints, the structure of your training, the priority and order of your sessions (e.g.: theoretical course before practical course)


Define, measure and drive growth objectives through what if scenario modeling enabled by our artificial intelligence

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Evaluate your need for resource investment

You have defined your growth objectives, but you want to know the investments needed to reach them? Should you invest in new premises? Increase the number of trainers? Acquire new equipment?

Reduce the number of your resources

Do you want to change your training facility to a smaller, less expensive one, but don't know how this will impact your ability to deliver training? Do you need to change one of your simulators and want to know if it is necessary to buy another one?

Estimating growth at iso-resources

Do you need to set your next growth objectives? Do you have an urgent need to train a large number of your employees in a key skill? Do you want to measure your ability to grow with your existing resources?

Guarantee the performance through R&D

The artificial intelligence at the heart of our engines is the element that makes our solutions so powerful and unique. We continue to invest to improve it, in particular through a partnership since 2010 with the LOSI research laboratory of the Technological University of Troyes