The success of your
project starts here

Define your needs and uses

Understand the ultimate utility of the solution 

This is the first phase of your project, and it involves two key stages: understanding your needs and defining the project. Convinced that everything is at stake at this moment, we mobilize our experts to understand your business uses and build with you the definition of your project

Integrate and set up the solution

To accompany you in the apprehension of the solution

Set up properly the solution, c'is s'ensure from the success from project ! Nur team is building with you the settings, in function from your uses and from your history. The solutions Adesoft s'interface with your tools in place à l'help from connectors developed according to the standards from market for facilitate l'integration in your systems information

Train your teams

Facilitate or optimise the learning process

Knowledge use our solutions, c'is know how in maximise l'use! C'is why we let's mobilize at launch from your project of experts for you help à you enter fully of solutions with of trainings personalised and of capsules e-learning. We offer also of sessions a once the suite software plug in hand, for strengthen the good practices or form your news teams

To accompany you throughout the project

Project teams, advice and support available 

The project doesn't stop at launch, and neither does our support. We continue to support you with bi-monthly meetings, webinars, and customer workshops. The objective? To improve your practices if needed or to meet your new challenges... The solution and our team adapt to the daily life of your organisation

Accompany your transformation

Develop agility and performance 

From scoping to deployment, our consultants will support you to facilitate the transition to our solution, but also to improve your practices. With more than 20 years of experience, we advise you on the best practices to adopt and anticipate the possible challenges you may face

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