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To optimize the logistics of training, there is a need to devise a planning system that takes into account all of the constraints related to trainers, certification, interns and material resources.

This planning then evolves to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Despite these changes, traceability of the training and respect of the objectives must be guaranteed.

Beyond every day management, companies benefit from sharing planning between different sites and anticipating needs in terms of training to make the best decisions.

adesoft fully addresses these challenges :  Its new search engine placement optimisation revolutionizes the simulation and scheduling of your training courses and adesoft is a driver of change with methods capitalized on your sector.

Resource management and constrained activity scheduling solution publisher in France, Europe and globally.

For over 20 years we have been providing our partners IT solutions to match their requirements.


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Current vacancies
Current vacancies

Higher education

You are looking for a complete and open solution to create your timetables, allowing you to optimise the use of your classrooms and associated resources.
Over 50 universities and 250 higher education establishments have found this solution by choosing ADE Campus, making it the French leader in timetable creation for higher education.

ADE Campus: our Higher Education solution

Security & Defence

Are you an initial training centre or a land, sea and air pilot training centre?
You are looking for a smart solution to manage your strategic medium and long term planning, your daily programming and effective assistance to determine your needs in terms of critical resources.
Selected by a dozen training centres, ADE Security & Defence meets all your needs inside a single solution.
Today we work with the French Navy, the Royal Air Force and the ALAT.

ADE Defence & Security: our Defence solution


Do you have the need to cater for high volumes of training courses that all include high numbers of last minute changes?
You train few people but you have critical and sensitive resources requiring traceability of your training.
A complement to LMS or Continuing Education ERPs, ADE Enterprise allows you to optimise your training logistics management and thereby increase your reactivity.

ADE Enterprise: our solution for the training sector


You use a CMMS but have major scheduling constraints, especially in terms of labour legislation covering your interventions.
Does your staff have varied, cutting edge and complex skill sets?
ADE Maintenance allows you to optimally schedule your on-call staff and your preventive and curative maintenance interventions.

ADE Maintenance: our maintenance solution for businesses

Every day our solutions prove their
effectiveness and performance…

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Our products use the latest technological
and information technology advances.

Their power makes it possible to quickly deliver optimisation calculations to rapidly increase your operational reactivity. An essential strength when subject to constrained daily scheduling and resource management. For over 15 years our know-how has made it possible for us to provide our partners with effective software and services.
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They trust us…

Thanks to ADE Campus, our students and teachers know their actual timetable immediately. They are updated on all changes that are made. Opening ADE Campus even made it possible for us to set up new communications solutions: display of modified courses, touch terminals, calendar subscriptions on smartphones…which further increased user satisfaction.
Jacques VANDE PUT Application service manager and Olivier KREMPT User support service – Centre sector – Application Service – ADE Campus expert, Université de Limoges - Information System Management
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