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Facilitate the planning of complex educational models

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Room Booking

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Organise a meeting






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Organise a meeting




Consistent, optimised and quality schedules

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Time saving

Constraint checking, avoid double entry, placement by engine or drag and drop...

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Optimisation of the use of rooms

Increase the occupancy rate and the filling rate of your rooms, reduce energy costs

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Harmonisation of working methods

Harmonisation of wording, schedule construction methods and management of current life

Complex rights management

Cooperative access rights, validation workflow, automatic assignment or human adjustment

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Consistency and quality of schedules

Impossibility of double-booking rooms, preference of a teacher or a schedule

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Respect of the pedagogical model

Taking into account the alternation between lectures and practical courses, importing the hourly volumes per subject

Distribution of schedules

Real-time viewing of schedules, schedule exports, online room reservations

Integration into your information system

Integration with the main tools on the market, recovery of existing data

Some of our features 

Focus on four features designed to make the daily life of planners, students, teachers and educational managers easier

Management and distribution of schedules

Student Attendance

Reservation of rooms and resources

Validation of lessons

Free yourself from constraints

Adesoft solutions put the needs of teachers and students at the core of planning by enabling schedules adapted to their requirements

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