Planning training in a complex environment

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We have been working with English and French defence training organisations for over twenty years. Multifunctional and agile, our solution covers your needs and enables rapid change in planning modification and activity monitoring. As a 100% French publisher, choosing us means choosing national governance

Optimised, flexible and real time planning


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The pursuit of effective, efficient and safe training

for complex workplace situations

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Load plan

Creation of training sessions, automation of annual or multi-year planning, placement by engine automated calculus or drag and drop...

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Mastery of skills

Control of the adequacy of trainers' qualifications with the pedagogical activity, management of key competencies...

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Time saving and communication

Reduced workload for your planners, information shared in real time, reduced human error...


Store data that remains required for several years...

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Management of daily life

Easier replanning according to new constraints, increased reactivity...

Optimisation of the use of resources

Increase the use of critical resources such as simulators, choose the most appropriate teaching tool for the training activity...


Data encryption, special interfaces Defence...

Activity management

Centralisation of information, definition and monitoring of KPIs such as the occupancy rate of resources or the number of hours completed per trainer...

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Adesoft is constantly innovating, making skills and human resources a priority. This makes it one of the best companies. It is very pleasant and interesting to work with Adesoft on challenging projects. Congratulations!

Yves Mangin - Training Director, EALAT

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