Using ADE Maintenance, keep your everyday simple and optimise your interventions

in businesses

In a tight budget context, the challenge is to keep and maintain equipment and machinery that is often expensive and comes from different suppliers. Optimised human resource management is therefore essential to improve productivity.

The challenges of MOC planning
and management of certification

To optimize maintenance operations, there is a need to devise a planning system which takes into account all of the constraints related to technicians, certification, dates, equipment and resources, for each piece of equipment.

This planning then evolves to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Reactivity is therefore essential, as well as being able to communicate in real time. Despite these changes, traceability of operations must be guaranteed, as well as the management of workload indicators and minimizing immobilization of equipment.

Beyond every day management, companies benefit from sharing planning between different sites and anticipating needs in terms of maintenance and skills to make the best decisions today.

In the face of these challenges, CMMS software solutions are limited and require a complementary tool: ade maintenance.

Your main issues:

  • Optimum reactivity.
  • Liability in the framework of user safety in particular.
  • Human resource management (absences, vacations, etc.).
  • Complicated intervention schedule management.
  • Knowing how to assess and guarantee the traceability of interventions.
  • Important and last minute information that must be delivered quickly.
  • Requests for increasingly short intervention deadlines.
  • Schedules sometimes changed at the last minute.

The advantage of ade maintenance
for your maintenance logistics

  • A constraints management technology and MOC specific expertise.

  • The central hub of information related to the maintenance and management of IS skills.

  • Embedded intelligence and a decision aid.

  • An open, flexible, and scalable solution.

ADE Maintenance :
When CMMS is not enough anymore !

Proven benefits:

  • You increase your productivity.
  • You have increased reactivity and anticipation.
  • You improve the quality of your intervention schedules.
  • You have tools to inform in real time.
  • You control your intervention costs and deadlines.
  • You guarantee the traceability of your interventions.
  • You keep control over costs and deadlines.
  • You optimise the use of your critical resources.
  • You have a module to manage your technicians’ skills.

Integrate ade maintenance with your cmms solutions

Using our APIs and our web services you can synchronise ADE ENTERPRISE Maintenance
with your CMMS solutions to avoid double data entry and data entry errors.

ADE Booking

Grâce au module de réservation de salles, d’équipements et de ressources vous :
• Optimisez l’utilisation des salles à votre disposition.
• Offrez La possibilité de réservation en interne et en externe.
• Gérez efficacement les demandes de prestations.
• Validez rapidement une demande de réservation.
• Contrôlez les accès et la signalétique des salles.
• Optimisez les ressources de votre structure par les locations externes.

ADE Dashboard

Find out team workload rates, room and critical equipment occupation rates, the busiest times.
A module that allows you to control your establishment effectively and compare forecast and actual.