Using ADE Enterprise, control your everyday activity simply and put all the chances on your side to improve your training courses and your client satisfaction.

Training businesses
and corporate universities

Further education centres are faced with multiple requirements: quality, traceability, cost optimisation, a high number of people to train in a reduced amount of time… Adaptability, organisation and constant reporting are essential strengths.

adesoft is a constraint-based training logistics solution publisher acting at the heart of the HRIS of large companies to plan, simulate and schedule training, in addition to centralizing certification and expertise.

Your main issues:

  • Optimum reactivity for information and training course offers.
  • Short training course times and schedules that must be adapted and updated in real time.
  • Client and instructor schedule management.
  • Human resource management (absences, vacations, missions, etc.).
  • A constant search for specific courses using tight budgets.
  • Instructor skill assessment and management.
  • Last minute information to deliver as quickly as possible.
  • The guarantee of your training traceability.

The advantage of ade entreprise
for planning activity

  • The central hub of planning related information in the HRIS.

  • Embedded intelligence and a decision aid.

  • An open, flexible, and scalable solution.

  • A constraints management dedicated to your activity.

Proven benefits :

  • You control your activity and have the tools for long term scheduling.
  • You have increased reactivity and productivity.
  • You adapt and optimise your resources (instructors, classrooms, equipment) to training course requirements.
  • You manage and instantly communicate schedule changes.
  • You keep control over costs and deadlines.
  • You optimise the use of your critical resources.
  • You have reliable tools to assess your instructors’ skills.

ade enterprise

ADE Booking

• View and anticipate the optimisation of empty rooms.
• Integrate the system into your intranet, your web site or your intranet: ADE Booking meets current web standards.
• Make real time bookings or bookings with validation, from the web or using an application, by your students, teaching staff, speakers or clients (seminars – privatisation…).

ADE Dashboard

Find out instructor workload rates, room and critical equipment occupation rates, the busiest times.
A module that allows you to control your establishment effectively and compare forecast and actual.