With ADE Campus, gain in simplicity and reactivity. You control all constraints every day in just one click!

Put the chances on your side to improve student satisfaction and the contentment of your teaching team.


Higher education is becoming increasingly competitive. To remain attractive and competitive, the quality of student and teacher timetables and the services provided are essential.

The challenges of higher education course planning

Higher education planning has become more complex. Designing and maintaining a timetable system that takes into account overall constraints in terms of teachers, students and educational priorities, optimizes the use of rooms and guarantees student satisfaction is key.

You need to be able to achieve more on a constant budget. In the face of this objective, conventional timetable management software solutions have limited potential. With its technology specially dedicated to higher education and research, ade campus will guide you in the evolution of your activity, where other solutions are no longer suitable.

Your main issues:

  • Wasting time in the design and organisation of balanced and coherent timetables
  • Problems and last minute changes to take into account quickly
  • A large but unoptimised number of classrooms
  • Changes to timetables during the year
  • Last minute information to deliver quickly (students, teams)
  • Meeting – conference room bookings

ade campus at the forefront of resource optimization and quality timetable management

  • An innovative timetable engine specifically designed for higher education and research.

  • Smart planning focused on quality.

  • An open, flexible, and scalable solution.

  • The central hub of timetable management in your information system.

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Proven benefits :

  • You save time in the design and management of quality, balanced timetables
  • You have increased reactivity to last minute events thanks to the possibility of taking into account constraints
  • You optimise the use of your classrooms
  • You increase your structure’s revenue by hiring out unoccupied classrooms
  • You benefit from instant communication with your teams and your students (timetable changes, absences)
Thanks to ADE Campus, our students and teachers know their actual timetable immediately. They are updated on all changes that are made. Opening ADE Campus even made it possible for us to set up new communications solutions: display of modified courses, touch terminals, calendar subscriptions on smartphones…which further increased user satisfaction.
Jacques VANDE PUT Application service manager and Olivier KREMPT User support service – Centre sector – Application Service – ADE Campus expert, Université de Limoges - Information System Management
Le service utilisateur proposé par Adesoft est réactif, à l’écoute et il a toujours su nous accompagner pour que notre projet soit un succès.
ADE Campus répond à nos besoins en nous aidant à mieux communiquer et à utiliser au mieux nos ressources.
Deborah MAUDUIT, ENSI Caen

ade campus

ADE Booking



• View and anticipate the optimisation of empty rooms.
• Integrate the system into your intranet, your web site or your ENT: ADE Booking meets current web standards.
• Make real time bookings or bookings with validation, from the web or using an application, by your students, teaching staff, speakers or clients (seminars – privatisation…)

ADE Dashboard

This function immediately shows you teaching staff workloads, classroom occupation rates, the busiest times.

Gain in freedom

  • The ADE solution can be installed on different servers and guarantees optimised operation and security.

  • ADE WEB Services: import and export data to/from ADE Campus.

  • ADE API Toolkit: synchronise ADE Campus with your IS and enrich ADE Campus functions if you wish.