Software for planning and optimising training activities 

Complex planning has never been easier

Facilitating the daily life of training professionals


Facilitate the daily activity with the automation and optimisation of the planning and the guarantee of the respect of all the defined constraints


Revolutionise the experience with real-time activity tracking, quality schedules and online course validation


 Revolutionise the experience with quality, disseminated schedules, room and other resource reservations, and real attendance measurement


Enable management by centralising data, defining growth objectives and the necessary investments

8 sound decisions to

choose Adesoft

Save time in planning

Reduction of planning time by at least 50% with the guarantee of
respecting the constraints

Increase the volume of planned hours

On average, 17% more training hours are planned for iso-resources, starting in the first year

Reduce the risk of human error

Respect of the pedagogical model, respect of the constraints, avoidance of double data entry, taking into account of all the parameters...

Optimise the use of resources

Prioritization of certain buildings or rooms, refined skills management, equipment depreciation...

Reduce the cost of training

Limiting inter-site travel, reducing energy costs, reducing resource requirements...

Centralise planning processes

Centralisation of information from the Adesoft solution and harmonisation of work methods

Define and manage key success factors

Monitoring of KPIs such as the occupancy rate of a room, the number of hours completed by a trainer...

Enabling usage investment to meet operational targets

Implementation of "What If" scenarios to model the investment required to meet growth objectives

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