What’s Adesoft

Adesoft is the technological leader of planification and resource allocation solutions.

Thanks to its powerful search engine, it allows you to automate and optimize the programming of your schedules through the allocation of diverse resources.

Our clients include; large and very large international companies, governments and large universities.

Who benefits from Adesoft?

What makes Adesoft unique?

With 20 years of experience, Adesoft lives up to your daily operational requirements.

Our expertise allows us to intervene and be efficient in several sectors of activity while adapting to your specific needs

With its unique planning engine, Adesoft has a powerful advantage in the market.

Adesoft has more than one million users spanning 4 continents. Compared to other planification applications and solutions, Adesoft makes use of artificial intelligence, making its search engine and process completely unique and even richer in its documentation and references.

In addition, its planification includes better traceability, a global vision over a long period of time as well as anticipation.

  • Continuing education & training

  •  Schedules and planning

  • Integration in your information system

  • Maintenance interventions

Partnership Approach 

Adesoft seeks to begin a growth approach via our future partners in North America and maximum exploitation of our partners’ growth levers by offering them constant commercial support.

  • Adesoft is a solution that requires expertise when it comes to implementing the solution somewhere and configuring the incoming lead channels.

  • Therefore,  we need partners who have the capacity to implement and generate leads, but also to welcome them until the execution of the mandate.

  • We are looking for three representative partners in Canada: Quebec and the Maritimes, Ontario and all of western Canada.

  • With regards to the United States, we are aiming for a partnership throughout 2021 preferably within the Northeastern United States. 

Among our international collaborations:

Activity Sectors

  • Healthcare industry : Adesoft wants to allow the Healthcare industry to do viable and practical short, medium and long term planning. 

  • Maintenance in large companies: with ADE Maintenance, Adesoft helps companies optimize their interventions, manage resources and act quickly during an emergency.

  • Large companies in training consultancy: with ADE Entreprise, Adesoft helps companies improve employee training, manage agendas, inform in real time and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Higher education: with ADE Campus, Adesoft improves the service rendered to teachers and students across five countries by helping them with the management of planification challenges throughout the teaching process.

Our project approach

Adesoft’s implementation approach in medium to large companies

Optimization of resources: employee (according to their qualifications) and office equipment.

  Analysis of the process that is already in place (strengths and weaknesses) in order to clearly understand the current position of the company.

Creation of a new team within the group which will submit and validate the management rules. The latter will ensure compliance with the constraints and the general order of the tasks.

Optimal planning of all the necessary resources and equipment as well as the employees (positions, schedules, etc.), according to the needs of the company

Adesoft’s implementation approach for 2021 in the Healthcare sector

Is planning training in the healthcare sector still a realistic mission today? With Adesoft, it is !

Real-time constraint based management.

Optimization of all the necessary resources and equipment (human and material resources) in the Healthcare industry.

  Analysis of actual strengths and weaknesses based on the different fields of work, specializations and qualifications.

For 2021, we are focusing to help the Heatlhcare sector to ensure the optimization of its planning in the best possible way.

Adesoft’s implementation approach in an educational institution

Optimization of resources (classrooms, teachers (according to their qualifications), equipment, etc.) while avoiding overcrowding and managing the saturation of the campus.

Establishment of a team that will submit and validate the management rules. They will act as guarantors for maintaining and respecting the constraints.

Determine a methodology that includes programs offered, leave, availability of teachers, time between each class, etc.

Make an optimal schedule planning according to a predetermined number of years.


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Adesoft allows your company or your client’s companies or organizations to automate and optimize the scheduling of training sessions and meetings.

It also optimizes the allocation of material and human resources, as well as rooms for short term or long term planning.

Among our clients are several large and very large international companies, several governments, large universities, etc.

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